Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hangin out with my Lil' Sister

Hangin out with my Lil' Sister

The best part about having your family around is hangin out with them. After the wedding, we took my little sister to a freinds house to ride her horse. She has three horses. One is Rowdy, he tends to be a bit hard to handle at times. Then, there is Ema, she is a Painted. Ema has had a hard life so she tends to be a bit skiddish. The third is Amira. Amira is an arabian with the typical arabian co
lor paterns. She is a great horse . She is a bit hyper witch is a typical trate of an arabian horse. They love to run and jump. The great thing about Amira is when a child or young person climbs up she is very calm and walks slowly and smooth. This makes her a great horse for young first time riders. She listens very well and follows directions well. We decided she would be great for Makala my little sister and Kayla my daughter to ride. Now my freinds can be as redneck as it gets from the horses to the chickens to the line used durring the ride "If you haven't been in a horse poop war then you havn't been to the country". I laughed untill we ended up in just that a horse poop war now it seems very gross but not nearly, horse poop is mostly hay and alfalfa.

way we had a blast.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Brothers Wedding


All the family has gone home to their states and everything is almost back to normal, now that the wedding
is over.

I would like to tell a small story about my brother Mark. Where he has come and how far he has traveled so you understand why the wedding was so important to our family.

My brother Mark and I grew up in Arizona as well as spent some of our child hood in Illinois. Shortly after I dropped out of High school My younger brother, Mark had a hard time dealing with me not being there and started getting into trouble in school, not getting along with my parents. and eventually getting into extreme drug and alcohol use. For a long time Mark didn't want to be around the family and almost disappeared we feared forever. Until one day he got into a ton of legal trouble and finally he let GOD help him. That is known to me as the day I believe our family started to come back together.We all wanted Mark back so much we were willing to do what ever it took to help and in turn started building a new family with new beliefs and new priorities. Mark may not know how I feel, and how much his accomplishments have meant to our family. When Mark succeeded our family succeeded too.

Today I would give a credit card number to him because I trust him so much He has definitely become a great man and person to look up too. He works hard, keeps his new wife happy everyday and tries to spend time with all his nieces and nephews, and does it all clean and sober. I am Proud to call him my brother.

Now that you know a little about Mark I would like to tell you about the wedding. The wedding was great we all had so much fun. our father and step mother were there, as well as our brother Richard my twin, his wife Francis and their beautiful kids Seth and Amber, of course our mom to and as many people the bride could fit in to the church. the bride's name is Ciarenna. She has been a large part in all of our lives, since she became a large part of Marks life. Ciarenna is a beautiful young lady that seems to make Mark want to try harder at anything he

attempts. The wedding was beautiful
and the bride was gorgeous. My family came together into one state for a few days though we were still missing Grammy and uncle Larry, whom couldn't come due to a medical issue with Grammy. They were Missed. Mark and Ciarenna had our Pastor, Pastor Larry, perform the ceremony. He tends to enjoy making everyone laugh so it wasn't your typical boring wedding. Pastor Larry through in a few lines of his own sort of like Sunday morning can turn out, you spend most of the time laughing, and enjoying it.

After the wedding it self we went to the park. Of course, this was on the fourth of July. We expected the park to be packed, though it was a bit busy, I wouldn't say it was packed. I'm glad that turned out very well. The reception was allot of work but I think everyone had a lot of fun even when it came to the work. We grilled tons of food, met tons of new great family members, and learned allot about where Ciarenna came from. Her family is as great as ours. When it came to the end of the night, I was surprised how many people stayed to help tear down and clean up. We did however, loose four of the chairs. Mark and Ciarenna had to use part of the money they were given as gifts, to pay for them. I wish I could have helped with that since I'm the one who placed four chairs at the other end of the area away from everything else. Those are most likely the ones that got lost.

In an overall view of the day, it was a great day for both families to have gotten together and celebrate a truly miraculous event. We were all grateful for being there to witness one of Gods best pairings.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

People Are Great

You never know when you will walk in to a room or be chatting with friends, and meet someone who changes the way you look at people all around you. I have been using Twitter quite a bit lately. In doing so, I have met some of the greatest people I could ever to meet. People whom have been very helpful in learning new techniques, setting up blogs, and changing setting on things to make it easier and more fun to be a part of, what I have come to know is the town of Twitter or Twitterville as I like to call it.this post is to thank those of you who have been reading and posting very useful comments and making me feel so welcome in a place I never expected to find this kind of love y'all are great people and thank you again never change always work and Don't forget to have a Blast. thank you for helping me to accomplish just that. I am definitely haven a blast. I also thank those whom have been following my blog postings and all the feed back I have received.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Little Girl

My Little Girl's Favorite Phrase

My little girl, Kayla, is truly in love with the movie "MAMA MIA!" She has even seen the Broadway Musical as well.

A few months ago we got the movie for her and she has to watch it at least three times a week. She goes as far as singing all the songs from the movie, through out the day at school, and at home, or at the store. About a month ago we asked her if she wanted to learn tap dance because when she watches the movie she likes to wear a pair of black dress shoes that have a hard leather sole and make a tapping sound when she dances. Well, we were sure she would say yes. Instead my daughter said no.

Then tonight, as she was dancing to the song "I Had A Dream," one of the songs in the movie, she suddenly asked "Daddy can I go to school to be in a Musical?" What do you say to that? I'll tell you what you say "sure" and then go to work and find a way to send her to dance classes. I want her to have everything she wants because I'm DADDY and she said that magic phrase "DADDY PLEASE". Which, by the way came before I could even answer her.

Now I'm on the look out for a class and why? Because, she wants to go, she is five years old and it would be so very cute to see her dance. I will definitely be posting pictures all over this blog! By the way she is watching the movie "MAMA MIA!" right now at 10:00 pm at night. Since she has no school tomorrow I'm going to let her stay up and finish it now I've got to go. Because she loves an audience when she sings and dances. What kind of Dad would I be if I didn't share this with every one! O.K. I'm just bragging, but, can you blame me!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kids Will Be Kids

Becoming a father is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Being a father means I get to remember how it was to play silly games such as, pretending to be a cat and playing with my parents in my room and making a huge mess.Playing with the kids has become my favorite past time. There is nothing in the world more fun then making a mess and having mom get upset and telling us kids ,including Dad to clean it up now. The down side is when I have to be a parent. When my kids get angry and I need to find a way to teach them a better way to deal with those feelings. Then I realized, they are getting those actions from me. The entire time I've been doing one thing and saying another, funny how I didn't notice until now. Now is the time I need to change the way I deal with my feelings so they don't act out the same as I have in the past. In doing this, my kids and I start to grow together, another reason I love my job as DAD!!!!!!!
I love looking back and seeing how I've changed along the way so that my kids become better adults then I was, or am. So, they can over come more in their lives then I have. Being a dad is the best learning experience I could have asked for. Thank You God!
!!Children truly are a blessing from GOD!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

"Friends are Family"

My Friends

I have some great friends in my life. I consider them family. Two of those people are Tiffany and Kalani , and of course their two children KiKi and Monu.
They have just moved to Florida. Kalani joined the NAVY and went on his first sea tour. We miss them very much but, we are glad they are getting to go on such an adventure and I'm kind of jealous they are having such a great time.

I love when they send photos of their great adventure like this one with the kids on the beach.
We all look forward to seeing them very soon. They have become a great part of our family. I would always welcome them into my home with out hesitation. They are the kind of friends that if you need to move quickly, and you call them, and they are working as soon as they get off at 1:00am; they are there to help and will help all night if needed. You can count on them any time or any day. I'm blessed for having them in my life.

Then look at those kids. They are just as great as their parents. They are a ball to play with and my daughter and Kiki love to play together and dress Monu up in dresses and makeup.

Here's to seeing yall soon and Kalani to keep safe and bring them all home soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Father and Son Time

I'm learning a lot from my father lately.

Things I never knew I was missing.

I really enjoy the time we spend together working on Internet projects.

We live in different states in the U.S.A., so it is difficult for us to spend time together. I live in Arizona and he lives in Texas and we both work tons of hours. Getting time to talk on the phone or time off work to go see each other is something we haven't had the opportunity for until now.

My little brother, whom I can't be more proud of and look up to, is getting married. The family will be getting together for the wedding in Arizona. That means I will get to spend time with my little sister,
Makala. I haven't seen her since she was one and half ye
ars old. She is now thirteen.

I look forward to working hard on the
Internet with my father and getting to spend tons of time with my family.

I can't wait.

Let the fun Begin.